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Poetic Aerialscapes

I am interested in the immensity and fragility of the natural world and our participation in it.

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art with a narrative

Custodians of our planet

My art reflects the wonders of nature - I like to think of them as conversational pieces that invite reflection.

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Relive those memories

The rugged coastline of Cornwall or a favourite holiday haunt tucked away in a Welsh bay - I can create a bespoke piece of art that will draw you back to those happy places.

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Hi! I'm Lucy

I am a mixed media artist working from my studio that sits right on the east coast of North Yorkshire.

Working with sheeps wool - preferably British where I can - I create magical landscapes that evoke wonder and nostalgia all at once.

Wool has an extraordinarily vibrant quality and delivers a wonderful texture and depth making it a unique and characterful medium to work with.

Lucy grew up on a hill farm high on Dartmoor, spending much of her childhood helping round up the sheep - this makes working with wool all the more serendipitous.

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The kind of art that stops you in your tracks and makes you ponder the world ...

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Tactile beautiful art that has really created a great focal point

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