“I am a London based artist however my inspirations remain quite wild. I grew up on a rugged sheep farm on Dartmoor with lots of brothers and sisters and a menagerie of animals. Bizarrely with life's twists and turns I now find myself using wool as my preferred artistic medium of choice.”



  Lucy grew up in Devon on a remote Dartmoor hill farm where she loved to help with the daily care of the family’s flock of rare breed Dartmoor Whiteface sheep.

Her obsession with the outdoors and nature led her to train her own sheep dog and follow the path of shepherding. Later Lucy pursued her interests in the visual arts by studying at the Plymouth College of Art.

Eventually these paths entwined and Lucy began to explore the use of natural fibres in art as a way to express her love of wild and atmospheric places. Lucy settled on wool as her medium of choice after noting the remarkable vibrancy and its dream like qualities. It's been Lucy passion to find ways of painting with wool which is an extremely wilful and challenging medium to work with. 

Her work is exhibited widely across the UK and is in private collections at home and abroad. She was recently shortlisted for the National Open Art Prize and was selected as Finalist for the Clapham Art Prize.