my story

Drawn to the natural world

I am originally from a hill farm on Dartmoor. I grew up with a lot of curiosity for the world around me, its beauty and mystery. I am fascinated by the magnificence and vastness of the natural world. We humans are so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things yet so consequential in our actions. I often have tiny little figures in a vast landscape as a reminder of this.

I have worked in lots of different mediums over the years but at the moment wool really grabs my attention. Wool has unique roperties like no other art medium, amazing vibrancy, texture and depth. It provides a very raw emotional feeling to landscape and a exuberance and aliveness to my aerial seascapes.

I have an ongoing creative journal whereby I experiment with abstract paintings and piano improvisation. In my creative journalling I explore working with streams of consciousness versus deliberate intent and I find that this helps to inform my main artwork.

Recently shortlisted for the National Open Art Prize, my work is exhibited widely across the UK and is held in private collections at home and abroad.